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[ENG] Bouldering in and near Berlin

Stellt Fragen über Boulder und Bouldern

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[ENG] Bouldering in and near Berlin

Beitragvon slawosz » 19. Jul 2012, 09:02

Hi everyone!

Mein Deutch ist zu schlecht, so I write this post in english. It is possible that I will move to Berlin in few months, so I would like to know something about bouldering in Berlin and near Berlin (up to 450 km, it is reasonable distance for weekend trip I guess).
I already found in Berlin: Ost Block, BoulderWox, Magick Mountain, T-Hall and maybe it is some gym close to Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg?
What are other spots to boulder in Berlin?

Outside, I know Harz. Could you tell me how many boulder there is? How accessible is Harz for family with 1 year kid (are there some boulders with flat surroundings). There is also spot in Poland here near Hirschenberb (Jelenia Góra), some photos: (i like this place!).

And what about Frankenjura? As far as I know there is limitation for bouldering there and you need to be trustworthy to get know the spots?

What about sandstones near Czech border (and Czech)?

Are there some places I missed?

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Re: [ENG] Bouldering in and near Berlin

Beitragvon Bernd_2 » 21. Jul 2012, 10:24

Your English isn't that good either.
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